Top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty (2023)

Rhinoplasty in Iran and other countries is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that is performed every day. Many people have many reasons to be dissatisfied with the current appearance so, to boost confidence and to achieve their desired appearance, they decided to do a nose job.

One of the most important issues in rhinoplasty that everybody who want to do this surgery it’ll think about it is rhinoplasty cost.

Rhinoplasty costs in Iran and other countries Sometimes are too high and sometimes too low. But is the high price a guarantee of proper quality of rhinoplasty?

The nose job cost depends on many things like the type of nose and also the geographical area. That’s why we decided to search and introduce you the top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty.

So, if you are searching for a country with a reasonable rhinoplasty cost and also great quality, don’t miss this article.

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Rhinoplasty costs; Is cheap nose job worth it?

Top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty (1)

If you are one of those people who have decided to have rhinoplasty, the rhinoplasty cost must be the first thing that comes to your mind. Definitely after that, you start searching for the cheapest rhinoplasty services on Google.

Of course, rhinoplasty cost is not the only criterion in this case.

No one is willing to endure a deformed nose for the rest of their life for a cheap nose job. Of course, this is the best possible situation in this case, and worse thing may happen to you. For this reason, in addition to the low price, you should also should look for the good quality too.

As mentioned, rhinoplasty is also performed with really low prices, but by which surgeons is going to operate? cheap nose job can have many causes. Residents who have just started rhinoplasty, perform rhinoplasty at a very low cost in hospitals in order to gain experience.

This post is a comparison between 2 cheap countries for rhinoplasty:

Comparison of rhinoplasty in Iran and India

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Top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty (2)

However, it is noteworthy that such people certainly do not have the experience of facing challenges during the operation and haven’t had surgery on the nose similar to your nose, so performing the operation by such people can be high risk.

Another factor in cheap rhinoplasty is performing multiple surgeries in one day. Some cosmetic surgeons perform a lot of rhinoplasty in one day, which leads to a reduction in the rate of these surgeons, which certainly reduces the accuracy and focus of surgery.

That’s why we will say, although rhinoplasty cost is a very important factor, but beside that you should consider many factors too and look for a reasonable cost with a great quality.

what factors rhinoplasty cost depend on?

Top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty (3)

The cost of rhinoplasty includes a surgeon and anesthesiologist, the cost of the operating room and hospital, medications and consumables that are received as a set from the applicant.

Various factors affect this rhinoplasty pricing, which are as follows:

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Surgeon experience

Rhinoplasty costs vary depending on the surgeon’s experience and skill, because surgery that has been performed on the nose for several years is fully familiar with the challenges of the operation and will definitely cost more.

The nose types

People’s noses play an important role in determining the rhinoplasty price. People with a fleshy or cartilaginous nose usually pay more for rhinoplasty. But the cost of rhinoplasty is usually a little lower.

Also, rhinoplasty, if performed by another surgeon (other than the first surgeon), usually costs more than the first operation.

Depending on the type of nose, the skin of the nose, the presence or absence of nasal polyps, and other respiratory problems, it is not possible to pinpoint the exact cost of rhinoplasty (thin skin but strong cartilage).

Definitely a nose that has only a hump and a slight protrusion been less expensive than a bony nose with strong cartilage and a fleshy tip.

Geographical region

Like other services, the rhinoplasty cost varies depending on the geographical area. For example, the cost of rhinoplasty in Tehran is not comparable to small cities. Of course, it is important to note that good rhino surgeons live in these cities because of their facilities.

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In the continue, we are going to answer the main question that we asked in this article. So, stay with us.

How much does rhinoplasty cost in different countries?

Top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty (4)

According to the American society of cosmetic surgeons, the price of rhinoplasty in the United States is 3500$, but the range for rhinoplasty cost in the United States starts at 2,500$ and sometimes up to 12,000$.

The UK can be considered one of the most expensive countries for cosmetic surgery in the world. The average rhinoplasty cost in this country is 3,000 pounds. The cost of rhinoplasty in the country at its highest rate reaches 6,000 pounds.

Nose job cost in European countries is different. For example, rhinoplasty is more expensive in Western European countries, especially France and Germany. However, rhinoplasty costs only a few hundred dollars in Western European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

In the easternmost parts of Asia, Thailand ranks first in health tourism. Tourist attractions along with a combination of health markets have attracted tourists from all over the world for beauty practices such as rhinoplasty in this country. The cost of rhinoplasty in Thailand is between 1,000$ and 2,000$.

In India, the nose job cost is between 500$ and 1,000$. Despite the attractions of health tourism in India and Thailand, doctors in these two countries may not have enough experience as well as the necessary expertise in this field.

Rhinoplasty is not cheap in New Zealand or Australia too. This surgery is much more expensive in Australia than in the United States or Europe. It costs 3,000$ to 6,000$ to perform rhinoplasty in Australia. In New Zealand, of course, these costs are slightly cheaper than in Australia.

In the Middle East, rhinoplasty is cheaper in Iran, Turkey and Egypt than in countries such as Lebanon or Saudi Arabia. The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in these countries is 500# to 1,000$.

The UAE is also the first destination for cosmetic surgery tourists; Health tourism attracts many travelers from the United Kingdom and the United States due to lower costs than their home country.

However, rhinoplasty cost in Dubai are higher than reasonable prices, due to the high cost of living in the country and experienced doctors who have previously undergone surgery in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Rhinoplasty in Shiraz Iran

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what are the top 5 cheapest countries for nose job?

Top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty (5)

There are many countries that offer cosmetic services especially nose job with a really affordable process. These countries that we are going to introduce to you are the top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty cost in these countries are really affordable and beside that the quality of these services is really great. That why these countries have many patients from around the world who want to do a nose job. Stay with us with this list.


Iran is the number 1 country in our list. Rhinoplasty in Iran has a really low price. You may ask how? The value of global money has made Iran a very cheap destination for all tourists planning to travel to Iran.

But this is not the only case. Along with tourists traveling to Iran for recreation and enjoyment of natural and historical attractions, the professional medical services of talented Iranian doctors and surgeons for a small fee are among the factors that have made Iran one of the most popular health tourism destinations.

This is why cosmetic surgery, including cosmetic surgery in Iran, will cost you very low, apart from the high quality of medical services that are well-known all over the world.

Cosmetic surgeries are increasing in Iran to such an extent that this country is now one of the main destinations for this type of surgeries. The most popular but undisputed surgery is rhinoplasty.

In Iran, out of about 40,000 cosmetic surgeries performed during the year, more than 60% of cases are rhinoplasty.

Iran is really called the land of rhinoplasty. this growing statistic shows that, we can be sure that Iranian doctors and surgeons have the most experience in cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, among doctors around the world, and their professionalism has been proven.

Currently, following the scientific advances in this field, the result of surgeries is really natural, and the problems and complications of rhinoplasty in Iran have been significantly reduced.

In addition to domestic patients for rhinoplasty, many people from neighboring countries and developed countries travel to Iran for this surgery to be operated on by Iranian doctors.


Turkey is ranked among the top 10 countries in the world in cosmetic surgeries specially rhinoplasty. Turkey doctors have done successful work in nose job. This has a positive effect on health tourism and, of course, on the country’s economy.

Cheaper medical costs like rhinoplasty cost in Turkey have created many advantages. We can say that the costs, the lack of queues, the easier and more economical international travel, the provision of medical services with advanced technology and high standards are Turkey’s advantages in this area.

Most foreign clients come to Turkey for cheap rhinoplasty cost. Many patients from European countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom come to Turkey for cosmetic surgery because the costs in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries after Iran.

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The advantage of lower rhinoplasty costs has made Turkey more attractive in this regard. Not only European countries, but also a large number of patients come to Turkey from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon.

Turkey has come a long way in the health sector. The country’s doctors are also educated, talented and successful. Turkey is a leader, especially in Group A hospitals. They are more advanced than many hospitals in Europe and the United States. The hotel and transportation sector has also made great strides. That’s why you can be more beautiful in Turkey.


Mexico convinces many tourists not only because of its affordable dental services and cheap plastic surgery like rhinoplasty cost, but also because of the alternatives it offers to receive medical services in the country.

The country’s geographical location and proximity to the United States border allow many applicants for medical treatment each year, especially from the border states of the United States such as Texas, Arizona, and California to Mexico.

All of these reasons have made Mexico the third cheapest destination for rhinoplasty and have many applicants from around the world, especially the United States and Canada.


In general, the cost of cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty cost, is much lower in Eastern and Central Europe than in Western Europe.

Despite economic problems, Greece is the world’s second largest plastic surgeon. Due to its cheaper operation, Greece is one of the most popular countries for cosmetic surgery. Low-cost advanced technology has made Greece the second largest cosmetic surgery center in the world. One of the most common surgeries performed in Greece is rhinoplasty, which is the main demand for cosmetic surgery in Greece and in the world.

With cheap rhinoplasty cost in Greece and its proximity to European countries, Greece is a good destination for people who want to do a nose job in Europe.

5. cheapest countries for rhinoplasty South Korea

The cosmetic surgery industry in South Korea is exploding. The Koreans make you a different person very cheap and very efficient, and their equipment is left over from the old American hospitals.

South Korea has made so good progress that these types of surgeries now play an important role in the country’s GDP.

South Korea now has the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery in the world, which is why many consider it the global capital of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Koreans have become very interested in facial surgery over the years, including rhinoplasty, and many of them have made Western beauty standards a top priority and want to look like Westerners.

Koreans like smaller noses, and of course, because Asian noses are smaller, they are easier to implant.

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20% of South Korean women have experienced invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. South Korea is the fifth and last country on the list of relatively affordable rhinoplasty cost and highly professional doctors.

By traveling to South Korea, you can experience rhinoplasty at a reasonable cost and with a beautiful change in your face.


Where is the cheapest place in the world to get a nose job? ›

Cheap prices

The cost of rhinoplasty in Mexico starts at $2,500. You will pay at least $6,000 for the same procedure in the US and $5,500 in the UK. Such pricing policies make Mexico one of the cheapest countries in the world for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures.

Which country has cheapest plastic surgery? ›

Cheap Plastic Surgery in Turkey

According to Bookimed data, Turkish plastic surgery clinics provide one of the lowest prices worldwide. Compare the costs of the most common plastic surgery operations in Turkey with the same ones managed in the USA and the UK.

How much is a Mexican nose job? ›

The average Rhinoplasty in Mexico starts at $3500 USD, whereas the average cost for rhinoplasty in the US is upwards of $5,400 USD – meaning you could save more than 35% by choosing to have your nose job surgery performed in Mexico!

Is getting a nose job in Turkey safe? ›

It's very safe to get cosmetic procedures in Turkey. Since medical tourism is a large portion of their tourism, they have developed a world-renowned healthcare system that provides high-quality care to patients.

How much is rhinoplasty in Dominican Republic? ›

The average price of Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Dominican Republic is $3048, the minimum price is $2438, and the maximum price is $3657. The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur).

Is Turkey or Korea better for nose job? ›

Overall, South Korea is the best choice when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasties. The affordable cost and extensive knowledge the surgeons have in performing this procedure makes South Korea an ideal place to have an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure performed.

How much does a nose job cost in Miami? ›

The average cost of Rhinoplasty in Miami ranges from $5,350 to $15,000. This price range may vary depending on the Surgeon's experience and expertise, Type of anesthesia, Facility fees, Type of Rhinoplasty, and Pre- and Post-operative care.

Who is the #1 plastic surgeon in the world? ›

As the world's most successful plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat's patients fly into Beverly Hills for surgery with her from all over the world. Dr. Cat Begovic is also a skincare and beauty expert, having performed scientific research on anti-aging and skincare, and is the founder of her revolutionary skincare line MD GLAM.

How much is a nose job in Greece? ›

Cost of Nose Job Surgery in Greece

The average cost of Rhinoplasty in Greece is $ 4500. The minimum cost of the surgery is $ 3400, and the maximum cost can go up to $ 6000 depending on the extent of the surgery and clinic from where the treatment is availed.

Why is surgery cheaper in Turkey? ›

Hospital fees are high, and consultation fees have a much higher average. In Turkey, the average doctor makes less but is able to perform surgery more. In addition, hospital fees are lower, and the price of living is also much lower. Each of these reasons contributes to why surgeries are so much cheaper.

How much does a Filipino nose job cost? ›

In the Philippines, the price for a surgical rhinoplasty can skyrocket as high as ₱300,000 with the starting price costing at around ₱40,000. Ultimately, the actual cost of the procedure depends on how much work and adjustments need to be done.

How much is a good nose job in us? ›

A nose job, known as a rhinoplasty, can cost as little as $2,500 to up to more than $15,000.

How much is a total nose job in Florida? ›

The average cost of rhinoplasty typically falls between $5000 to $6000. However, more complex nasal surgeries with Dr. Bared may cost approximately $15,000.

Is Iran or Turkey better for rhinoplasty? ›

Is Iran or Turkey Better for Rhinoplasty? In conclusion, Iranian hospitals and surgeons provide considerably superior results than Turkish ones.

Why do so many people go to Turkey for nose jobs? ›

Although rhinoplasty or nose jobs have become popular across Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is quickly becoming one of the most favoured destinations in the world for affordable treatment. This is partly because of the reduced cost of labour, cheaper tools and lower average cost of living in the country.

Why is rhinoplasty cheap in Turkey? ›

Rhinoplasty Costs in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is cheaper than in Europe or most of the other countries. Because the fixed costs and workforce costs are lower and life is cheaper than in western countries.

How much is rhinoplasty Tijuana? ›

The average price for rhinoplasty in Tijuana, Mexico is $3,200 including surgeon fees, anesthesia, facility, and medication.

How much is an Armenian nose job? ›

My advice is to be ready to spend at least 2000 USD to do a nose job in Armenia. However, the cost may range from USD 800 and up. For example, if you research social media sites, and talk to doctors and different clinics, you may find a clinic that may do the job even for as low as USD 500.

How much is a nose job in Sinaloa? ›

The average cost of Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Mexico ranges between $3000 and $5000. The offers include Electrocardiogram, post-op medications, medications, preoperative tests, general anesthesia, consultation with a doctor, 5* Hotel, transfer airport-clinic-airport, rhinoplasty (nose job).

How much is a nose job in Turkey vs USA? ›

The average cost of a nose job in Turkey is $3250, the minimum cost is $ 1250 and the maximum cost is $ 6500. Whereas the cost of a nose job in the USA ranges from $ 4,700 to $ 10,000.
4. Adem and Havva Medical Center, Turkey.
Closed Rhinoplasty$ 4000
Ethnic Rhinoplasty$ 3000
Septo -Rhinoplasty$ 2500
1 more row

How much is a nose job in Turkey in US dollars? ›

Average cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul, Turkey is 3500 USD, minimum cost is 2000 USD and maximum cost is 7200 USD.

Is Mexico good for nose job? ›

Is a nose job safe in Mexico? The answer is “YES,” in the right hands. Tijuana, Mexico has become an international center for destination surgery. Over a million patients travel across the US border every day for expert, affordable health care.

How much is a good nose job NYC? ›

The cost of a rhinoplasty in NYC generally ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, though the specific cost will also depend on other factors. Cosmetic rhinoplasty isn't covered by insurance.

How much does a nose job cost in Colombia? ›

In general, nose surgery in Colombia costs between $3,500 and USD 4,500. The price includes the surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee, and post-operative care. In addition, some patients may require additional procedures such as a septoplasty (to correct a deviated septum), which would add to the overall cost.

What is the best age for a nose job? ›

While there is no definite right age to have rhinoplasty, between 18 and 40 is considered an ideal range. By this time you have developed physically and in maturity to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty, and your skin still maintains youthful elasticity.

What is the cheapest type of nose job? ›

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an affordable method for improving your facial balance, and costs far less than a surgical procedure. A surgical rhinoplasty will likely be four or five times the cost of a non-surgical rhinoplasty, or more, based upon what surgical repairs are needed.

Can you negotiate price with plastic surgeon? ›

Surgery costs can be negotiated before or after services are performed. Though typically better to negotiate costs before surgery, this isn't always possible as some surgeries cannot be scheduled in advance.

What makes a nose job more expensive? ›

Depending on whether you have thick or thin skin, multiple injuries to the nose or severe nasal deviations, the complexity of the surgery required may vary, and so too will the cost. The more complex the surgery, the more expensive it will be.

Who is the Kardashians plastic surgeon? ›

Working with the Kardashians. Informally known as the “Plastic Surgeon to the stars,” Dr. Fisher has done work on several members of the Kardashian family, who have raved about their results in interviews on TV.

What plastic surgeons do the Kardashians go to? ›

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Diamond's procedures to results that you would expect with injectable treatments. There are a number of techniques and procedures Dr. Diamond uses to give celebrities, like the Kardashians, their chiseled facial features. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve or enhance, Dr.

Are nose jobs free in Turkey? ›

The average Rhinoplasty Turkey costs are €2500 - €4000. However, some factors increase the nose job surgery price, like the location of the clinics, the surgeon's experience, the technique used, and the type of treatment.

Are nose jobs cheap in Istanbul? ›

The average rhinoplasty cost around the world may go as high as $15000, but Turkey offers such surgeries at a much lower cost. For example, Dr. Seckin Ulusoy's rhinoplasty (nose job) operations cost on average just $5000 with the guarantee of having the nose you dream of.

How much is a nose job in Iran? ›

Average rhinoplasty cost in Iran ranges from $1,200 to $2,500 based on the surgeon's reputation and level of expertise, the complexity of the procedure, and similar issues. It's important to note that highly up-do-date facilities and efficient services are offered in Iran's specialized clinics.

Which surgery is Turkey famous for? ›

Istanbul in Turkey has been famous for plastic surgery aesthetic and cosmetic treatments throughout the globe for many years.

What surgery is Turkey known for? ›

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ranks Turkey among the top ten countries performing the most popular aesthetic surgeries, including breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck procedures, liposuction and rhinoplasty.

Can I fly after plastic surgery? ›

It is best to wait at least two weeks after any major surgery before flying, as this will give your body enough time to heal properly and reduce the risk of complications.

What is a Korean nose job? ›

Korean rhinoplasty can be performed for a deviated septum, a droopy nose, to change the shape of the cartilage in a bulbous nose, to change the nose tip by creating an upturned nose or to reduce the size of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery is also commonly requested to change the shape and size of the nose bridge.

Why are nose jobs so expensive in the US? ›

Rhinoplasty is a Highly Skilled Job

Due to the highly critical nature of the job and the skilled nature of the work, there are stringent training requirements and exams that a cosmetic surgeon needs to pass to qualify as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. This training takes years and years of hard work.

Who is the Filipino celebrity who had rhinoplasty? ›

Chie Filomeno has been constantly asked about the cosmetic procedures she's done in the past, and addressed it in an interview that she did in fact undergo rhinoplasty to correct her nose bridge.

How much does rhinoplasty cost in Hawaii? ›

How much does a nose job cost in Hawaii? Costs for nose surgery (rhinoplasty) with Dr. Schlesinger range from $9,000 to $12,000.

How long does rhinoplasty last? ›

How long does rhinoplasty last? A rhinoplasty permanently changes the structure of your nose and the results will typically last a lifetime. Normal aging may cause some gradual changes in the appearance of your nose but most of the improvements seen after rhinoplasty will be relatively permanent.

Who does the best rhinoplasty in the US? ›

The Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center is home to one of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in the world; Dr. Deepak Dugar, MD who has patients fly from all parts of the globe to receive his elite closed rhinoplasty. Dr. Dugar focuses his whole practice on one type of surgery: closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty.

Where is the cheapest place to get a nose job? ›

The cost of rhinoplasty in Mexico starts at $2,500. You will pay at least $6,000 for the same procedure in the US and $5,500 in the UK. Such pricing policies make Mexico one of the cheapest countries in the world for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures.

How much does a nose job cost in Orlando? ›

How Much Does Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Cost in Orlando? At Dr. Gross' Orlando practice, the cost for rhinoplasty averages from $9,400 to $11,500 (surgeon fee-only and NOT including anesthesia or facility fees). Actual procedure prices vary per patient depending on the type of procedure Dr.

How much does a nose job cost Tampa? ›

How Much Does Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Cost in the Tampa-St. Petersburg Area? Physician fees for rhinoplasty range from $5,000 to $6,000, depending on the extensiveness of your procedure; although, we cannot quote a specific price without an in-person consultation.

How much is the cheapest nose job? ›

The bottom line

The cost for a nose job surgery can be as little as $2,500. But it often ranges from $5,000 to more than $10,000. The surgeon you select and where in the U.S. you have the procedure will influence your costs the most. A filler or liquid procedure costs about $1,100 or more.

How do you get a nose job if you can't afford it? ›

Plastic Surgery Financing: How to Pay for Your Procedure
  1. 8 plastic surgery loans to consider. ...
  2. Enroll in a payment plan through the surgeon. ...
  3. Utilize a medical credit card like CareCredit. ...
  4. Use a credit card with a 0% APR offer. ...
  5. Take out a fixed-rate personal loan. ...
  6. Budget and save up in advance.
Oct 20, 2021

Are nose jobs cheaper in Korea? ›

South Korean nose surgeries are relatively cheaper than in other parts of the world when compared at the same level. For the level of quality here you would be paying 5-10 times more abroad.

How much is a nose job in Florida? ›

The average cost of rhinoplasty typically falls between $5000 to $6000. However, more complex nasal surgeries with Dr. Bared may cost approximately $15,000.

How much is a nose job in Tijuana? ›

The average price of Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Tijuana is $4745, the minimum price is $2990, and the maximum price is $6500.

What is the most difficult nose job? ›

Correcting a bulbous nose is one of the most challenging procedures in the already difficult field of rhinoplasty. Refining a bulbous nose requires an experienced surgeon with both artistic sense and technical precision.

How much is a good nose job in the US? ›

Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 for your procedure. If your rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic, insurance is likely not to cover the costs.

How much does nose job cost in USA? ›

Rhinoplasty in Raleigh, NC

On average, you can expect to pay somewhere around $8,400-$9,800 for a nose job from an experienced facial surgeon. The fee for revision surgery can range from $7,000-$12,000 or even more depending on the complexity of the situation.

Is it true that if you break your nose you get a free nose job? ›

Typically, insurance will cover a rhinoplasty if there is a documented nasal fracture that has caused significant distortion of the nose. Insurance may also cover a septoplasty, which can be done to help improve your breathing.

Are nose jobs cheaper in Mexico? ›

How Much Can I Save on the Price of a Nose Job in Mexico Compared with the United States or Canada? Nose jobs in Mexico usually cost less than 50% of what surgeons charge in the United States, at around $3,000, rather than $8,000.


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